Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello, My name is Anil Kumar Mishra.

Thank you for coming to my website. It's my pleasure to serve you in anyway I can. I want to welcome you to this exclusive home business which you are about to see something you have not seen before. Please read carefully, at the end of the page I am sure you will do signup. Like many other people, I have tried many of the various home business opportunities available & have had minimal success. Something always seemed to be holding me back. I would bet that you have felt the same way. Making money from your home has little to do with experience, background or financial status & has EVERYTHING to do with using the RIGHT SYSTEM!

What exactly this is: This is called The Berry Tree, Nutronix and Automatic Builder.

For the first time in the history of Network Marketing, a Company has stepped forward and said, "We will guarantee your success." ... Or Triple Your Money Back!

How much you want to make?
$1,000 - $2,000 - $10,000 or even $20,000 / Month??

The Berry Tree Income Potential is Unlimited, Read below.....

Berry Tree News

The Berry Tree is a New Division of Nutronix International and Horizons Marketing. Nutronix is an 8-year-old debt-free network marketing company doing business in 60 countries around the world. Horizons Marketing has been developing effective and proven recruiting and business building tools for Network Marketers for over 18 years.

5 Different ways to make money (Including Passive Income {read below})

Power point Presentation:
1. Customer Order
2. Fast Start Bonuses

3. All Star Bonus pool
4. Matrix 2x12 Forced Matrix (Leadership Commissions)
5. Bonus Pools (Can be achieved without sponsoring)

Two Different Products to choose from

How to make money being a Passive Member?

This is an unique and one of the best features of the Compensation

Pay Plan.You can achieve the bonus pools without ever referring

anyone to the company thanks to the BMC's (Berry Member Credits)

Every month you are an active member in The Berry Tree you earn

Berry Member Credits. Any combination of Personally Sponsored

People and Berry Member Credits that equals 10 or higher will allow

you to begin to share in the Company Wide Bonus Pools.

How to build your business?

Many people will struggle on how to make sales or find prospects to

advertise to their business to. With The Berry Tree we have the option

to buy leads that are redirected to our own replicated website with BTT's

(Berry Tour Takers) or even buy members that will already sign up to

take the Free Trial, CEM / CED (Company Enrolled Members/Company

Enrolled Distributors).

Two different joining options.

P.S. If you have any questions or need more information about The

Berry Tree feel free to contact me.

Personal Testimony:
The Berry Tree has been the best online opportunity i've ever joined.
Thanks to this company i am able to travel more and work whenever I

want to, its unique Compensation Pay Plan helps me a lot, since my

members won't quit as they are getting BMC's which will accumulate

and get them into the bonus pools even without sponsoring anyone and

at the same time you have the option to buy members or leads directly

to your site, which helps those that do Want to build their business but

are not professional marketers.

Summary : The Berry Tree is:

1. Easy - Your only requirement is your membership. We promote and automatically grow your business for you.

2. Inexpensive - Your membership is less than the cost of a sandwich at McDonald's each day.

3. Hot - Just launched. You can be in on the ground floor.

4. Secure - Part of a seven-year old never-fail company.

5. Lucrative - For everyone from newbies to gurus and couch potatoes to extreme

business builders.

6. Supportive - Complete support system including live 2x weekly (or more) internet conference calls, radio broadcasts, members' section, forum and more.

7. Unlimited potential - Many bonuses in our patent- pending compensation plan for everyone who decides to actively promote the program.

Contact Information
Name: Anil Kumar Mishra
e-mail : (also for Gtalk)
skype : anil26
Yahoo: m_anil26

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